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[8/12/12] Star Wars Battlefront HD
 Star Wars Battlefront HD is a collection of both main series Battlefront's. Featuring a new user interface to swap between the two games and their modes. It also features swapping modes in instant action, so you can play maps that appeared in Battlefront 1 with Battlefront 2 and vise versa without the use of mods [with the exception of space battles].
Including all the online modes of previous games, and the medal and scoring system from the second game, if you reach a certain amount of points you will unlock maps from the spin off games Renegade Squadron and Elite Squadron, as well as the character creation and custom loadouts of said games. Other features include auto-recognising controllers and splitscreen on the PC version, as well as other unlockables from The Clone Wars TV Series. The Ultimate Edition, exclusive to the Wii U, allows for the full versions of the PSP editions to be played on the Gamepad.
Available: XBOX 360, PS3, PC [Windows 7/8]. Ultimate Edition: Wii U.

So I've explained the game and what I want from it, now the reasons I want it. For one, there is the compatibility issues on newer machines of PC, and the fact you cannot find a decent price for the original games on PS2 or XBOX any more, unless you are willing to pay the so called "Collector's Item" tax. Another reason is that I use a controller, more specifically an XBOX 360 controller. It doesn't matter what controller you insert into your PC, you still have to manually configure the controls for about four different segments [soldier, vehicle, starfighter, turret, Jedi for BF2], and while this is only once, it still takes about a good ten minutes to get right.

[3/5/13] Sonic Adventure 3: Chao Theory - My Idea
And so I said I would. My idea of Sonic Adventure 3. Why am I uploading this so early after the previous blog post then?
Well, a recent bout of the rumour mill has been going, and basically the game 'Sonic Excursion' seems to have been taken as fact by almost everywhere. I won't bother going into it, as I'm sure that many of you will have seen it somewhere [Sonic Adventure 3 Facebook page, I'm looking at you].
But onto my idea, which is more fleshed out than that rumour. I had planned this to feature Chao Garden's more in the story rather than how the other Adventure games dealt with them, which I described as "Oh look! A Chao Garden. Let's visit". This way, they can still remain optional, but it doesn't look as though they've been added in for the sake of it. Chao have been in some of the Sonic games, Adventure 1 and Rivals 2 most prominently.  This then would be the third, and as you read on, you'll see why.

Sonic is on another of his world spanning runs when he spots Cream looking sad in a forest. Stopping to say hello and ask what's wrong, Cream says that her beloved Chao Cheese has been Chaonapped, but she couldn't find anyone around to help her look. Sonic agrees to go with her. Reaching near the end of the forest, the two see a robot holding a Chao. Cream starts chasing it, but it disappears. Sonic walks forward and says he will keep looking. Reaching the outer edge of the forest, Sonic tackles the robot and Cream rescues the Chao. Unfortunately, it isn't Cheese, but the two come across a Chao Garden.

The two agree this would be a good place to stay for a while and work out what is happening. Cream asks what Sonic is holding. He reveals he has some Chaos Drives that he had taken from the enemies destroyed. Cream suggests feeding them to the Chao, who accepts them. The Chao seems happy and sets to exploring the garden. Cream says she is happy here, but then the Chao starts attacking a wall. Sonic goes to stop it and sees cracks in the rock. Using a spin dash, the rock crumbles and he sees a route onward. Sonic asks Cream if she would like to come with him more, but Cream says she will stay here and look after the Chao.

Sonic then speeds through grassy hills and finds himself at a volcanic crater. Jumping into it, he then rushes around the outside and through the veins of it to then be brought out to a small forest full of pine trees. Running through this forest, he sees two E-Series robots with an Egg Capsule. Destroying both robots, he hits the switch and releases a Chao. This one isn't Cheese though, but Sonic lets the Chao tag along. Following a road leads to a city in darkness, which Sonic proceeds to run through. Halfway along a twisty road, an E-Series robot nabs the Chao Sonic had rescued. Chasing after the robot leads Sonic to a roof of a hotel. Fighting the E-Series, it is defeated. Before it is destroyed though, it claims to be E-303, a reject model who was set free to steal Chao. Sonic grabs the Chao and speed jumps from the roof to the outer edge of the leafy forest.

Back at the Chao Garden, Cream screams with delight at seeing Sonic again, but upset he hasn't found Cheese. She is enjoying looking after the other Chao though, who seem to understand her. Sonic then reveals he has another Chao that needs looking after, and Cream accepts. After a bit of discussion, the two wonder if there are any more Chao out there when Espio comes along. He says he had heard of Chaonappings all over, and that The Chaotix had sent him to major Chao Gardens to check if there were any Chao still around. Other members were also investigating on different things relating to this, Espio related, but as of yet had no leads. Sonic suggests the hills and the forests in this area, even though he hadn't found anything. Espio goes through the rock after thanking them. Sonic says he's going as well, just in case he had missed anything. Reaching the city in darkness again, Sonic sees an Egg Capsule glinting on top of the highest building in the city, and speeds around the city to get there fast. Upon reaching it, Espio appears again, who says the situation is well under control, and breaks open the capsule before disappearing. Sonic then returns to the Chao Garden with the third rescued Chao.

In the Chao Garden, Cream alerts Sonic that the Chao have found a spot in the pool that looks suspicious. Sonic says he will take a look and uses a spin dash on the spot, which cracks open. Clearly regretting what he is about to do, Sonic goes under the water and reaches another Chao Garden, this one more like an oasis in design. He also sees what looks like a sewer line. Deciding he couldn't get any more wet, he goes to explore. At the end of the sewer, he sees a mine full of water. Wondering why this area was so full of water, Sonic proceeds through here as well. Rescuing a Chao trapped in an Egg Capsule at the end of the mine, Sonic runs into Knuckles. Knuckles says he is helping Espio and The Chaotix uncover the truth of the Chaonappings. Taking a look at how wet Sonic is, Knuckles also says there is an ice path lined with diamond icicles that will lead back to the garden. Sonic thanks Knuckles and heads on his way with the Chao in tow. Another three reject E-Series robots try to take the Chao from Sonic, but he beats them all. In the third robot, it appears a Chao was actually powering the robot. The other Chao floats down to inspect it and cries. Sonic gathers the Chao in his arms and continues back to the oasis garden.

Back at the Oasis Chao Garden, Sonic is struggling for places to explore. There doesn't seem to be any viable areas to go other than retrace his steps. Heading to the other Chao Garden, Cream asks if he has found Cheese. He replies with a no, and says he has come to a dead end. Cream asks if he has any other Chaos Drives to feed the Chao, and Sonic fills Cream in on all that had happened. Cream is shocked to find that Chao are powering the robots, but that he found another Chao. Heading back to the Oasis Garden, Sonic feeds the Chaos Drives he had collected to the lone Chao in the garden. That Chao then finds an opening within the waterfall that Sonic breaks open, and the tunnel leads out to a storm ridden area that leads into and out of a boatyard. The rain lets up a bit as Sonic reaches a castle. Rushing through the outside of it, he reaches the entrance which is blocked by two Metal Knights. Defeating them, Sonic runs through the castle and reaches the roof via the turrets. On the roof, a large number of Chao were trapped inside a net with an E-Series 3 robot. Sonic defeats this E-Series robot easily and rescues the Chao. A black Chao flies forward and introduces itself, and Sonic is surprised at a Chao that can actually talk. This Chao says it is a portal engineer, and he was captured to build some machine of a type he didn't understand. To demonstrate his abilities, he makes a portal which the Chao fly through. Ushering Sonic through as well, he sees they are in an area of strong winds. The portal engineer Chao says this is the place they were taken from, but for now they should be safe.

 A machine is then built in the center of the garden, and the portal Chao tells Sonic to wait while he builds another in one of the other Chao Gardens. Sonic waits, and soon sees a blue glow coming from the top of the machine. The portal Chao appears accompanied by Cream, who tells Sonic that she was worried the Chao might have been a plant by Eggman, to which Sonic replies that Eggman hasn't been seen in ages, but the fact his armies and factories are still operating is worrying. The portal Chao then explains that the gusty winds in this area are a transport method. Up above are floating islands held by the wind. Above there, not even Chao knew what was around. Sonic says it is a good as place as any to explore, and might yield more results. The portal Chao says he will come along, in case any more Chao are rescued. Sonic explores the gusty winds and sees something worrying. A dark looking hedgehog is standing on a small island. Not Shadow, but Metal Shadow. Apparently, someone wasn't ready to give up on the Metal Hedgehogs. This Metal Shadow says that an Egg Capsule is loaded with Chao at the top of the valley, and is set to explode. If he gets there first, he will detonate it as soon as. However, should Sonic get there first, the explosives will be disabled and the Chao released. A race ensues between the two with Metal Shadow getting an early lead. In the end though, Sonic narrowly wins, and a battle ensues between the two. Sonic commands that Metal Shadow disable the explosives in the Egg Capsule. Metal Shadow laughs and says the explosives can't be disabled, at which point the Egg Capsule behind him explodes. Sonic spin dashes through the Metal Shadow and destroys it.

Sonic is aghast at what happened and starts blaming himself, holding his head in his hands. The portal Chao then flies slowly over and asks what is up. Sonic says all the Chao in that capsule are dead because of him. The portal Chao says to turn around. Sonic does and sees ten Chao flying around. Gasping, Sonic is immensely relieved that the Chao are indeed safe, and says thanks to the portal Chao over and over. The portal Chao then says he will distribute them to the Chao Gardens, and creates a portal to which the Chao fly through. Sonic looks around for any more leads, and sees a rail network in the distance, and traces the rail to another island lower down which holds a building complex. Using the edges of the wind to propel himself, Sonic lands on a platform jutting out from the building. Running through it, he tries to find a way down to the station proper. Jumping from a window, Sonic then lands on another building set slightly down further, and hops down to the floor. Seeing he is in the station proper, he then runs through it and misses getting into the train which launches. Seeing the rails, Sonic says the place reminds him of Bullet Station. Grinding down the rails, Sonic overtakes the train and arrives at another station. Running through that building, which is shorter, takes Sonic to a robot-infested room where a load of Egg Capsules are being loaded onto the train. Defeating those robots, he then boards the train as the last of the Egg Capsules are loaded in it, and fights his way through the train as it sets off, making sure all robots on board are destroyed so that the Egg Capsules cannot be delivered to where ever they would. As the train arrives at the station, Sonic counts the amount of Chao he had rescued. When the doors open, the portal Chao appears and smiles at the amount of Chao Sonic had rescued, creating a portal and ushering the other Chao through it, the portal Chao then also disappears.

 Sonic then looks around and sees the island he is on looks as though it is made of marble. Egg Pawns then start clanking up to Sonic, who defeats them quickly and then proceeds to speed his way through the island, noting the increased amount of robots in the area. He thinks of taking a more stealth approach when a giant robot crashes through the marble cave Sonic had stopped in, and releases sunlight into the cave. Sonic dodges underneath it, and the robot proceeds to chase him. Sonic runs while also avoiding the robots attacks and causing the swinging spike balls to crash into the robot in as many weak spaces as possible. The robot then topples and falls. Sonic cautiously walks forward with the intent of checking if there are any Chao powering the robot when it starts to smoke and a massive explosion rips through it's chest. Sonic starts running - but too late. The explosion reaches it peak and a lot of hot gas expands outward, picking up Sonic and throwing him into the air.

Landing is soft, and Sonic lifts himself up to see he is on another island, but it is covered in snow instead. A voice then calls him, and looking in it's direction, Sonic sees Tails running to him. Tails immediately tells Sonic about someone wanting a mechanic to get a new machine working. Sonic guesses Eggman, but Tails puts this theory down, saying that Eggman would never keep his main forces at every point available, or run an operation as smooth as this, and Sonic agrees that things are a bit fishy. Sonic then guesses that Tails was the mechanic chosen, and Tails confirms that. Tails then says the Tornado had been hidden somewhere on this island after they had taken him. Battling through the island, against larger foes and smaller ones in big groups, Sonic then arrives at a complex which looks like it was designed to pull the resources from the island. Tails recognises the place and says that somewhere around here must be a garage or an airfield to export the supplies. Getting through as fast as possible, and with the least amount of sightings [all of which he destroys before they raise the alarm], Sonic breaks the door down of a hangar and Tails sights upon the Tornado, running to it.

An armadillo walks around the side of the Tornado and stops Tails in his tracks. Sonic runs forward and asks what the armadillo is playing at. The armadillo explains that this plane will only be used for destruction, and must be held in this hangar forevermore. Sonic exclaims "No way!" and he and the armadillo fight. A voice sounding like Vector's then comes through a radio speaker asking for a progress report. Sonic wonders aloud where he has heard the name of Mighty, and Vector shouts through the speaker if that was really Sonic. Sonic confirms it and says that he's been tracking down Cream's Chao Cheese. Vector says that Espio had told him, but immediately had become sidetracked and his whereabouts unknown. Mighty interrupts and asks about Eggman Island, to which Sonic replies that he now remembered where the name of Mighty came from. The two then greet each other as long lost friends, but Vector cuts across them and says that Charmy had found information regarding a cannon on the complex that would fire all of them to an area of intense gravity shifts which would then lead to the main base of operations. Sonic rally's them on, but Tails says he has to go somewhere, and Mighty still needs to search out more things on this island. The Tornado flies out of the hangar and Mighty walks out the door.

Sonic then sets his focus solely on finding the cannon, and ignores the enemies except for when he has to take them out. Reaching the cannon, he looks out at the distance and sees a small speck of a floating building. A silver Metal Hedgehog then appears and stops Sonic from reaching the controls to the cannon. Seeing no way around, Sonic battles the silver Metal Hedgehog who, when beaten, says that it was the second version of a Silver Sonic line that was scrapped and left in the Egg Carrier. Another robot had recently brought its stasis tube to a base of some sorts and activated it for the first time, filling it in on the current situation. It had wanted revenge on Eggman for never activating him, but the other robot had said Eggman was trapped in a void, and if he helped bring Eggman back, he could then get his revenge on him. Sonic asks about the mastermind behind the plan, but Silver Sonic II's head implodes and falls off before it could start explaining. Looking a little upset but determined at the same time, Sonic activates the cannon and blasts over to the area of intense gravity Vector had mentioned.

Sonic looks around and comments the ARK had better décor than this, but if he was going to get through, he had to navigate the gravity shifts. This area featured a whole load of walls but no floors. Rails, tubes, and gaping chasms filled with nothing but cannons or floating robots. What didn't help matters was that the robots and cannons all faced the 'correct' way even if the gravity didn't. Even larger enemies and an even wider variety of E-Series robots stood waiting to block any perpetrators. Dodging around them, Sonic makes it to the entrance of the base, which he dubs Robotrolis, as the place reminds him of Eggman's Metropolis Base and Metropolis Speedway combined. Taking a step forward, sirens blare and a mass of E-Series and other Robots appear. Sonic then battles his way through at least three E-300 Series, two E-3300 Series, a handful of Egg Pawns and Egg Hammers, the Chao Raider, E-7777 Jackpot, and Blizzard Bird.

Upon finishing off the Blizzard Bird, Sonic reaches the main control room to see Cheese trapped in a vat, a Chameleon trapped in a chair with a mind control device, Cream looking fearfully upon the scene while bound to a wall, and the portal Chao that had been helping transport the rescued Chao back to the gardens. Complaining about trusting a dark Chao, Sonic rushes forward, but the portal Chao then says that a number of things will be happening if he takes one more step forward. Sonic stops and takes stock of his surroundings. A lot of Chao are trapped in vats and all are connected to a machine. Sonic, startled, blurts out "what?" as the portal Chao flicks a switch and the machine activates, with all the Chao screaming as their energy and power are sucked from them, and Cream screaming as the same thing happens to Cheese. A white portal then opens up as all the Chao then fall down. Sonic is stood, rooted to the spot, as a maniacal laugh floats through the portal, and Doctor Eggman walks through the portal and into the base, followed by Robotnik from the past, and comments how good it was to be back.

What happens then is the Chaotix story is unlocked, and Knuckles, Mighty, Espio, Vector, and Charmy are playable through the background events of Sonic's story. Upon completing all of these stories, we then get to the final story.


Sonic is stood still, comprehending the shock that the dark Chao was working for Eggman all along, when The Chaotix rush in and examine the scene. Eggman then asks the portal Chao if all was according to plan, which the portal Chao says it is. It then flies off and Eggman turns to Sonic and The Chaotix. Greeting them all, he asks whether they enjoyed his little master scheme. Sonic asks how Eggman had formed the plan and brainwashed the Chao while trapped in the time void. The only thing Eggman does is pull out a device from a pocket. He then explains that no brainwashing was necessary as the Chao had elected to join him so many months ago, in fact, going into two years. Secretly, he had trained the Chao, built it a custom hoverpod, and gave it the ability to speak. He had the idea of then setting the Chao up with his complete empire so, under his watch, the Chao could do what he couldn't, and get under the defences of Sonic. But the Chao was left behind when he had built Eggmanland in space. Since the Chao was meant to be a secret, it wouldn't do for it to be flying around where it could be harmed. When that plan failed and Eggman met the Time Eater, he reckoned that the Chao wouldn't be needed. Then Sonic foiled his latest plan and got him and his past self trapped in the time void, Eggman called his Chao and sent a small message saying 'use all power available to bring me back'. And then he gloats it had worked and now Sonic was finally going to pay. A massive creature then flies up, and inside is the Chameleon in it's chest and the dark Chao visible in it's head. A shout rises up of "Oreah!" and Sonic turns to see Espio and a blue Chameleon restraining a red Chameleon. Sonic shakes his head and Vector says "Don't ask."

Sonic runs forward and tackles the beast, but even though tries his best attacks, the most he can manage to do is scratch its surface. Realising it's no good, Sonic skids back out of the battle and admits defeat. The red Chameleon gasps in shock, and Vector says "You can't give up now!" bringing forth a Chaos Emerald. Espio throws a Chaos Emerald to Vector, and Charmy reveals he has one too. Both Mighty and Knuckles reveal they have two Chaos Emeralds each, and Sonic smiles. As the Emeralds start floating and spinning around Sonic, Eggman yells "Not again!" and the dark Chao makes the creature flee. The Chaotix block it though, and by the end of Sonic's transformation, an arm had been knocked from the creature. That arm though, fell and hit the generators of the base causing explosions to start ripping through it. Robotnik gets caught in the reactivated portal and is sent elsewhere, while Eggman climbs into his own hoverpod and, with the dark Chao, escape. Super Sonic shouts at Vector and The Chaotix to rescue Cream, Cheese and the other Chao and get out of here, then he flies off in pursuit of Eggman and his Chao. Flying through the explosions of the base, Super Sonic catches up to them and battles the creature, finally winning through. Remembering the red Chameleon and his shout, Super Sonic rams the chest compartment of the creature, detaches the Chameleon from the mind control device, then builds up a massive force of energy and rams straight through the middle of the creature, causing it to implode, then explode.

Down on the ground, Espio, Vector, Charmy, Knuckles, Mighty, Tails and the red and blue Chameleons greet Sonic as he lands. The Chaos Emeralds' power then disperses from Sonic, and he lays the Chameleon he was holding on the ground. The Chaos Emeralds produce one last bit of power to bring the Chameleon back to consciousness before dispersing fully. All around the scene, the Chao watch  as the Chameleon wakes up and the red Chameleon hugs her. Espio then steps forward and tells everyone what was going on with the Chameleons. The red Chameleon then looks up and thanks Sonic over and over before announcing himself as Krona, and this was their sister Oreah. The blue Chameleon then announces himself as Zoin, and also says thanks to Sonic. Sonic then looks around and asks where Cream was. Mighty points over to a clear patch of grass where Cream was playing with Cheese. Sonic walks over to Cream, who runs to Sonic with Cheese in tow and both hug him, crying. Sonic whispers to her that he did promise he would find Cheese, and he did. Cream thanks Sonic that he stayed true to his word, and that Cheese was glad to be away from that dreaded base. She also said that she was worried that the dark Chao of Eggman's had her fooled all along, to which Sonic replies that it fooled them all, but now that Eggman is indeed back, the fight will continue, and he will protect them all.

The credits play then we see Eggman in the ruins of his base kneeling down at the ruins of a once marvelous robot, searching. Removing a piece of metal then reveals the dark Chao, which is dead. Eggman picks it up tenderly, and a tear slides down through his glasses. It then disappears, and Eggman looks up to the sky, and says that he will avenge the death of his Chao, and he will get a new plan made.
A fade to black then shows Robotnik fall out of a portal. Getting up, he looks around to see himself back in Green Hill. A younger Sonic then runs by, knocking Robotnik back down again. Sitting up, Robotnik then says "I hate that hedgehog!"

For Sonic, the levels are played in three acts per stage. For The Chaotix, only one act is played within a level, with that stage named after the act's subtitle.
Each act has three missions each, with the first of each played during the main story.
The hub worlds are the Chao Gardens, but full availability of the Chao Gardens aren't available until the Last Story has been completed. The installed portals act as level selectors or warp points between Chao Gardens.
Full availability of the Chao Gardens include:-
-A new area opening up in each garden which includes the features of Chao Naming, Chao School, Shop, and Chao Gym. Each of the services except Chao Naming are different between each garden.
-Humans roam the garden and the building, and some are able to be interacted with, giving challenges to you.
-Chaos Drives can now be collected from robots that are destroyed in the levels.

Sonic controls his usual homing attack, spin dash, roll, and ring dash, while also managing a tweaked boost, bounce attack, drift, and quick step.
Knuckles glides as normal, and can climb walls, as well dig, ground pound, and use punching combos. Unlike other Adventure games, Knuckles' missions no longer involve finding keys or pieces of the master emerald, but are like the werehog levels, but faster and with less enemies. In other words, his missions involve getting to the goal while tackling the enemies or avoiding them.
Espio can turn invisible and throw ninja stars, and has the least amount of stages in game. His missions are fully about avoiding being sighted by enemies.
Vector has his power back, and can blow bubble gum at enemies to destroy them. He has less combo moves than Knuckles, and cannot glide or climb. However, being a crocodile, he can stay under water for a long amount of time, and his missions involve exploring bodies of water interspersed with some fighting on the ground.
Charmy, being a bee, has unlimited flight ability, and can move around easily. His missions then, involve getting into hard to reach places and avoiding being hit by enemy fire.
Mighty controls like Sonic, and has roughly the same mission scheme of running to the goal to progress. However, Mighty is the one that needs to collect one item per level to succeed.

Some of the levels are based off other games. Some even share the same name. Those that do, have their game name in brackets.
Leaf Forest [Sonic Advance 2]
Hill Top [Sonic the Hedgehog 2]
Starlit City [Sonic the Hedgehog 1]
Sewer Run
Aquatic Mine [Sonic Adventure 2]
Diamond Alley [Sonic 3D]
Chaos Storm
Mettle Castle
Windy Valley [Sonic Adventure]
Bullet Station [Sonic Heroes]
Marble Island [Sonic the Hedgehog 3]
Snow Bleached Island
Haunted Hill

Haunted Hill is only unlocked after completing the Chaotix Last Story, which is unlocked after completing the Main Last Story. In the Chaotix Last Story, Vector gets a call saying that a house is making strange noises, and that the new owner would like it sorted before he moves in. Vector then calls the other members that they have a job to do. Meeting with the owner at the bottom of the hill, he says he lost the key to the house somewhere on the hill while running down it. Mighty runs up the hill, finds the key and opens the door to the mansion. Ghosts are wondering around, and Knuckles says he'll take care of it. Reaching a door, he finds it locked. Charmy says he'll try and find a way to the other side. The others are waiting when the door opens and Vector says he'll check it out. Finding a back door, they open it to see the same portal that has been in the other Chao Gardens. Espio then figures that the mansion is haunted by the dead Chao. And that whatever did kill them is probably still inside. becoming invisible, he explores the house and sees an assassin robot in one of the rooms overlooking the Chao Garden. The others arrive and the robot is startled. Knuckles then proceeds to take it out. Mighty delivers the final blow to it. Charmy brings the man to the room, where the robot has been destroyed and Vector is searching the room for anything they might have missed. Espio explains the situation, and Vector then exclaims that he's found two Chao eggs. The man says that he's really liked to raise Chao and that this would give him a hobby while at the mansion. The Chaotix then take the portal back to Leaf Forest.

Since there are three acts for each of Sonic's levels, and three missions for each act, plus Super Sonic's level and the story completion, the total number of Emblems that can be collected during Sonic's full Story is 131.
The Chaotix story features 26 stages with three missions per stage, so including the Chatoix Last Story and Story Completion, the total number of Emblems that can be collected during The Chaotix's full story is 88.
The final Emblem is collected by completing Boss Attack mode - where all the bosses from all stories are played chronologically.
This means the total number of Emblems to collect is 220. The Emblems are used to unlock new things in multiplayer. The full list:-
[Emblems needed - Unlock]
10 - Local Multiplayer
10 - Sonic the Hedgehog vs Krona the Chameleon* on Sonic Stages
20 - Online Multiplayer
30 - Knuckles the Echidna vs Rouge the Bat on Knuckles Stages
40 - Espio the Chameleon vs Zoin the Chameleon *on Espio Stages
50 - Vector the Crocodile vs Chaos 0 on Vector Stages
60 - Charmy Bee vs Tails the Fox on Charmy Stages
70 - Mighty the Armadillo vs Oreah the Chameleon* on Mighty Stages
80 - Tails the Fox on Sonic and Mighty Stages
90 - Shadow the Hedgehog on Sonic and Mighty Stages
100 - Amy the Hedgehog on Sonic and Mighty Stages
110 - E-123 Omega on Knuckles Stages
120 - Cream the Rabbit on Charmy Stages
130 - Wave the Swallow on Charmy Stages
140 - Storm the Albatross on Knuckles Stages
150 - Jet the Hawk on Sonic and Mighty Stages
160 - Big the Cat on Knuckles and Vector Stages
170 - Sealia Seal* on Vector Stages
180 - Silver the Hedgehog on Knuckles and Charmy Stages
190 - Cosmo the Seedrian* on Charmy Stages
200 - Eel Capone* on Vector Stages
210 - Krona, Oreah and Liza the Chameleons* on Espio Stages
220 - Metal Sonic on All Stages

*Never appeared in a Sonic game before.

Both Local and Online Multiplayer are two player only, though you can set up switch out tournaments where the winner swaps out with another player at the end of a stage.
All stages are unlocked as soon as you unlock Multiplayer.

And that, I think, pretty much covers it all.
I haven't covered on The Chaotix story that much, as I think the main plot points can be guessed from Sonic's story.
And while this has been a massive post, it does get you thinking about what SEGA could actually do with the Sonic game franchise. In other words, a lot. And with the next generation of XBOX and Playstation coming soon, you can probably expect something big like this.

Anyway, you've heard the names - Krona, Zoin, Oreah - but their story before and during these events are yet to be told. Except for the blatantly obvious spoiler that Oreah gets rescued of course. But the questions of why she was kidnapped, what is she like, and how does Krona get to this state of mind remain. And that announcement will be made on the day of the new Sonic game reveal.

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