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There are two areas of focus with my stories. The first is the free stories, which mostly focus on fan-fiction efforts, on WattPad. Most prominent among those are Doctor Who: The Star Wars Chronicles and The Chameleon Chronicles. The other area of focus is Amazon Self-Publishing. While there is only one published book available at the minute, I am working toward my second and third books. Below are the details of these books.

Doctor Who: The Star Wars Chronicles is technically the longest worked on project, having been started back in 2012, and being finished July 2017. It follows DarkRula and his master General Kronis as they encounter the Daleks and adversaries of the Jedi Order. That is until the Daleks finally succeed in bringing The Doctor to the Star Wars universe, and new adventures unfold and allegiances change. The story unfolds across twenty episodes, rewriting some of the audio series that came before to better fit with this interpretation. As the longest running story, it can also be seen as a progression of my writing style.

The Chameleon Chronicles started out as just a side story for a Sonic the Hedgehog adventure I had planned involving chao. That story started as a personal quest for Sonic to find Cheese - the missing chao of Cream the Rabbit. The extended Chaotix were involved [that includes Knuckles and Mighty] in uncovering the real plot of why all the chao were suddenly disappearing. Both sides of that story converged in the same place - that being a new flying fortress of Eggman. However, there was a third side to that story, one that got hinted at and only dealt with a bit at the very end. The Chameleon Chronicles tells that story, of two brothers trying to find their sister after she gets kidnapped.

The first Amazon Self-Published book - The Alternate Adventures of Halesowen - is a bunch of short stories combining to tell one larger story. It focuses on a group of friends at a college duirng their last day to really introduce them through the art of competition. Then they split for stories during the summer - usually told with a focus on two of the group - before merging back as a whole for the first day of the second year. It's not plot heavy, focusing more on the characters and their interactions with each other and the experiences they face, but it is a solid offering that shows my writing skills. The short story nature of it comes from the fact this is just a larger introduction to these characters, before the overall series starts expanding them with their own stories, with the next of my self-published books being one of them.

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