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[4/6/12] The Origin of Pokémon: Shadow Boom
One of the first two stories on CDSMEDIA, and the one that hasn't been added to for longest. Following the Shadow Pokemon and the revival of Team Snagem, it might seem entirely fictional.
But Orre is real in the Pokemon universe and Shadow Pokemon and Team Snagem are at the heart of it. References to Johto and Kanto are included and again, just like the anime, it follows the adventures of Ash. But why has Orre not been included in the Pokemon anime?
Here I give my views.

Basically, Orre, just like Unova, is a far off region. But unlike Unova, it is a barren wastleand with vehicle travel the only way to any of its locations. This much is clear from the two games that pronounce Orre as a region. Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness follow five years apart from each other, but both are set in the Orre region, and both have you traveling by a bike to reach destinations. The map itself shows that Orre is a barren wasteland with a mountain home to a massive tournament, and to the west a forest. Water around the entirety of the land [or as much of it as you can see] suggests that Orre is an island.
Enough of the geography though. Just like the Hoenn region, Orre has two conflicting bad teams. Team Snagem and Cipher Co. The history behind these two is that they had a mutual alliance for a time, but Snagem were shunted by Cipher for betraying them. Five years later, Cipher return with a vengeance. And are again defeated.
So I thought, if Cipher could come back, why not Snagem? That is part of the origin of Shadow Boom, but still it needs more. That is where I thought to bring back both protagonists and also give Ash, Brock and Misty another adventure together. However, this had to be carefully implemented. So, looking through the anime history, the easiest place to set it would be after the events of Hoenn and the entirety of the Ruby/Sapphire adventures.

So the time frame is set. And this allows for another hint to be dropped. There are more Pokemon from Hoenn in the games then Johto or Kanto. This means of course, that the main Pokemon appear from that region too. However, that is not the case, but Hoenn does play a part in the story. And a big one at that.
The Shadow Pokemon are back with a vengeance and are more powerful than ever. Taking reference from the plot of the Shadow's, I made them make more sense. After all, that is part of this story. And references to the games are here as well. Miror B. and the comment about Shadow Lugia. I also explain the games in my own way. The Gamecube Pokemon games are some of my favourites, and I wish there was a third on WiiU coming soon. So another basis of this story was to follow the story of what that third game might entail. With the power of the WiiU, what I have done so far could be implemented into a game, with both Johto and Orre, and possibly other regions too.
While the Shadow's have been powered up, so have the heroes. Wes and Michael have stronger Pokemon and the Professor has even better tech. And Makan has worked hard on the Robo Pokemon project. All of these are contributing factors that I wanted to explain, but the main reason I wanted to start this story was to give a better understanding to the entire story of the Gamecube games and tell them in my own light.

[13/7/12] Animal Crossing Story: Reasons?
So, supposing you have read the pilot to the Animal Crossing story, you might be wondering the question of why.
The answer is simple. While we have the games, we don't really have a concrete story to pan them out. Like, when does the Museum increase in size? When do Copper and Booker close up the Police Station to move to the gate? Hopefully, I plan to answer these when the story finally comes to start. But a deeper part of this is to pull Animal Crossing, like so many others, into a fan fiction. Other fan fiction of Animal Crossing includes parts of it, or follows the story of a particular game, but I'm betting no fan fiction has ever combined the whole three games, including the fourth when it comes out, in one. How is this possible? I make it like the story it is. This starts from the Gamecube original, then moves to Wild World, with City Folk [or Let's Go to the City, but that's too long to even abbreviate, as I've heard before] following that. Then, once I've had a blast on the 3DS version [when it comes out] I can give details of that, depending on how I feel it can go into the story.
My ideas of the story are my own, but you know some of the characters who will be in it and the name of the town. But one thing I can say is, the ending of the pilot reveals what happens to the island. 

[13/11/12] The End of the Zincite
Now then, Zincite Storm Cup may have finished a while ago, but this is the time to reflect on the story as a whole. The origins for this one came from my love of racing games, and watching the F1. ModNation Racers on the PSP had great cutscenes featuring two announcers. One of these I pictured as a professional racing driver, who had served his time and wanted to commentate instead. This was one of the driving reasons for the storyline, whereas instead of having many tracks, this story just featured one in its first chapter. The first chapter also sets the rivalry between Cobri and Adam ready for the next race the year after. All of this came together, including the great detail put in, to make a great first chapter.
Then it started to go downhill. The second chapter begins and again it is the same thing. While I tried to include things other than racing into it, it didn't feel as good as the first chapter. Even detailing the new courses I'd made didn't make things better. By the eighth part of the second chapter, I'd lost most of the detail, and realised, even though it would make it about two chapters longer, it wouldn't have been any better. That was when I decided to cut it to making the third chapter the final one of the story.
The third chapter, while trying to include new elements, like more tracks with different announcers seemed like chapters one and two mashed together. It was then I realised, if I need to make it better, finish on a climax. That's where the cliffhanger at the end of each part came from. As well as that, I thought about the fact that we won't ever find out what happens in the Republic Commando Star wars novels, that's like a never ending cliffhanger. All in all, I will be reviewing this, as I know I can make it a better story. But for now, enjoy the other stories.

[16/4/13] Soon For a Sonic Reveal
Now then, those on my personal Facebook feed will have seen these, but since they are to do with one of those Unannounced stories on the Pilot section, I'd thought I'd bring them all together and talk through what is happening.
As you may remember, a story started by guest writer LuckyBachi called "Sonic: The Hog Behind the Hero", which was stopped after four chapters. This was because another story was started which has never seen the light of day on CDSMEDIA. Called "Perfect Chaos II", it has a lot more of a reputation due to its complex story arcs. A new section of CDSMEDIA will be made where links to each chapter will be available. During the year of 2012, the same year Perfect Chaos II started, rumours were around of a Sonic game that would finally be Sonic Adventure 3. At the beginning of 2013, those rumours grew stronger. In fact, the biggest cherry on the cake was in February, when a whole host of information was announced about the new Sonic game. Well, announced as in more rumours.
So it got me thinking. Why couldn't I create my own Sonic Adventure 3 story? I got planning and got creative, which is when I came up with the idea you will soon see in a future blog post. After all, you can have hardly failed to notice that a full third of the new banner has been taken over by Sonic, Cream, Cheese, The Chaotix and that mysterious Sonic Adventure 3 logo. But while that story will be released soon, this other one won't.
You see, during the creating of the Sonic Adventure 3 storyline, I couldn't help but notice one major flaw approaching. Without Eggman, who was to manage the robots and operations? Part of that has already been covered in the major story plot, but if new robots were to be made, and the final machine, who was to do it?
That's where these two come in.
While in need of some more work, you might recognise these two names from the Unannounced 2 story in the pilots, and that's because these two are the main characters of the spin-off series [more like a side story, to be fair]. As you know, both of these also have a sister, and it is revealed she has been kidnapped by Eggman, and chao are disappearing. Also guest starring Espio, Krona and Zoin head on their first true adventure to save their sister.
Now then, not to spoil it all. You won't see this announced fully in quite a while, or maybe tomorrow. You see, I'm timing this announcement for after the reveal of the new Sonic game. After all, what better way to celebrate the announcement than the start of a story, or at least its reveal, on the day the new Sonic game is finally revealed to the world?

And In Other News
Might as well use some more space to announce a few more bits and bobs going on around CDSMEDIA. Just short snippets really.
-I know I always say this, but bear with me. I will upload more story parts when possible, but since it is getting to the end of the college year, I really am concentrating on getting all that work done. But as more units are complete, the less I have to work on.
-Revisiting the finished stories to put them in the proper order of flow will have to wait until the summer holiday. I have also extended this to some of the older stories as well, just for flow of continuity and in case you want to revisit them, it will stop waiting for the next chapter to load [or relentless backtracking].
-With this graphics tablet I now have, I could start creating my own banners fully. I might try a tester and see what people think.

[16/5/13] The Latest in All News
ee, I promised there wouldn't be another gaming blog post. Some might call this cheating though, but I promise it isn't. This is basically a restructure of the blogs.
First thing you might have seen is the new description and name of this section. Since it will now cover all CDS offerings and not just insights to the online novels I write. And the other rename is in GAMING COVERS [no idea why it was in caps] to Custom Game Covers. I might not be doing any more of them, but just in case I want to turn it into a big thing some time in the future, it's there as a placeholder.
Now then, next thing is something I'm rather concerned about. From the original inception of the CDS logos, my idea was for them to be in stenciled format. Some have been, others haven't. But since then, the logos seem to have focused more on 3D effects than the stenciled format. Seeing the 3D, I'm not really liking it that much. However, while working on the animated music video, I came across a font which fits the bill perfectly. With a bit of twitching, the new logos should be ready before the incoming gaming marathon.
Yes. The gaming marathon. Much like last year, I'll be posting my predictions for E3 soon, which is coming up on the 14th. As we know, Nintendo won't be doing a major conference, but they will have a show floor, and will be doing a Nintendo Direct during the E3 period. Sony and Microsoft both have their new consoles to expand on, but of course! We haven't even seen Microsoft's new console yet. That will all change on the 21st, and hopefully I'll have my views on it. Then of course, is the Sonic the Hedgehog reveal, which is looking even more likely to be within the next seven days, and while the logos won't be changed by the time it comes on, the Nintendo Direct tomorrow. I don't really cover these, but if something big is announced, then I will focus some attention to it.
And the last thing is the stories will now be continued as per normal after the horrendous busy schedule and you can read the next part of Star Wars: Darth Maul now, as well as the next part... Well, start of the next Chapter, of TV and Film Residential Camp tomorrow.
And if you want to check out the animated music video I mentioned, just go to the CDS Youtube channel.

[18/5/13] The Sonic Announcement At Last
Could this be in the gaming section? It could indeed. It talks about the latest game announced - in fact, two games - in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. But I also made strict claims that this Sonic the Hedgehog story I've been hiding behind would be announced when the game was, and rather than have two separate blogs in two different sections, I've just condensed them into one.
First off, the announcement was made yesterday, 15:00 GMT, by Satoru Iwata during Nintendo Direct. It featured the new Olympics game, Sochi Winter Olympics, and the game that had been trademarked a few hours before, Sonic Lost World. People knew the announcement was imminent after this, but didn't know in what form. It came as a complete surprise then that, not only was it announced at the Direct, but that SEGA and Nintendo were into another of their partnerships, though this seems to be a lot bigger than normal. This simply isn't SEGA simply deciding to make a game for the WiiU. This is a strict partnership meaning that three Sonic games can be released only for Nintendo platforms. That's not to say that they can't be remade or ported to other console at a later date, remember. But for now, it seems we've got Lost World and another Mario and Sonic Olympics game. Both are coming to the WiiU and Lost World has already been confirmed for a 3DS release as well. The deal doesn't seem too bad, but fans can get a bit... [got to say this right so as not to offend]... critical, about exclusives, especially when they seem good. And the trailer that's bound to be coming soon [Monday earliest] will generate even more hype and excitement for the game.
All that matters now though, is whether Nintendo can draw more people to get a WiiU. After all, the system isn't doing too well at the minute, but with E3 around the corner [and my wishlist/predictions coming up soon] that could all change.

Now that we have covered what has sparked the main topic of this blog, the new story of CDSMEDIA will now be laid out.
Called The Chameleon Chronicles, it stars a family of chameleons. Those being Krona, Zoin, and Oreah. I've teased the characters, and the ending was sort of revealed in my Sonic Adventure 3: Chao Theory - My Idea blog, but this is going deeper. Our story starts with the younger brother - Krona. Oreah is at a party in the local forest, and all Krona can think to do is gatecrash. Thankfully the older brother Zoin is on hand to stop him. But not before both crash into the party.
As you've seen from the pilot, both Krona and Zoin meet Espio, but that was left on a cliffhanger as to what happens after the initial meet. We'll be getting even more cameos [even though Espio is a big part of this from the point all three meet] but I won't spoil everything here. If I did, what would be the point in reading the story?
This story won't start until after E3 finishes, and since there are four stories ongoing at the minute [I really had better get on with them], it gives me time to sort out some loose ends with them, plus get the new banner featuring my custom art [for once] of the story. And while you've seen what Krona and Zoin look like, no-one has seen Oreah yet.

And so I'll leave you to speculate - both on this and the two announced games. Just watch where you go in regards to forums and posting your thoughts on them. Trust me, it's chaotic [does there really need to be a pun here?].

[5/10/13] Where the Posts Are
Anyone can tell that I haven't been active, on either site. No new story posts, no new blog posts. In fact, apart from a small amount of posts on social networks, you'd be forgiven for thinking this operation had got the red light and been cancelled.
Thankfully, it hasn't. I've just been super busy.
One of the things I've done is made the move from college to university. Now that doesn't excuse the silence over the summer holiday, but I'll get onto that later. Over the course of the last few weeks, I've been sorting out files and folders, signing documents and generally been getting together all of those forms that I needed to take with me. TV license, medical, and others like it. Then there's settling down, and getting a firm idea of the course itself. Two weeks have passed since I first started, and I'm ready for action.
The other thing, that reason I haven't posted, was revealed on Facebook. I'm reading through TV and Film Residential Camp, converting it, adding to it, changing parts, basically getting it all to make a more continuous flow, and then I'll be publishing it on the Amazon Kindle store. I was determined to have it done by the summer holiday, hence the silence on the issue, but when that was deemed too much, I just revealed I was working on it on Facebook, and set myself the challenege of finishing it by the end of this month. That was at the beginning of September. Two months to finish it. I'm roughly half-way there, so it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

Around other parts of CDSMedia, I'll possibly start up again on the fan fictions, though I won't overload myself with such a harsh schedule of release. I'll possibly only finish those stories that I really want to finish as well. I've had a few ideas of where I could take Star Wars: Darth Maul for instance, though nothing concrete yet.
As ever though, I'm working through it, and I'm getting things done.
That's all for now, except for some retailers breaking street dates, but that's on my other blog in gaming.

[14/11/13] Sonical Wonderings
You know me, I've always got ideas. I'm always storing them away for future reference. Whether fan fictions or original creations, I'm always considering them and changing them.
 From the two original creations on my website, Zincite Storm Cup, and the one being fully revitilised into a proper e-book, TV and Film Residential Camp, to the number of fan fictions like Pokémon: Shadow Boom, Star Wars: Darth Maul, and Doctor Who: Star Wars Chronicles, only one of each has been finished. And so, while I am continuing with Doctor Who: Star Wars Chronicles and TV and Film, I was wondering about those less fortunate fan fictions. The ones that have really only just been started. Animal Crossing: Time Origin and The Chameleon Chronicles fall under this category, even if Animal Crossing has two chapters to its name already.
When I first started Animal Crossing: Time Origin, I really had in mind a vision to do what no other fan fiction of Animal Crossing had done before - tell the story of how the towns expand and fall as each rendition of the game series comes along. Ultimately, when I started, I never had much of a story, any means of connecting them together, other than a number of natural accidents and freak occurrences.
The idea of that story comes from even further back than that thought though. Back when the gaming community were first teased of a new Animal Crossing game, and rumours and ideas were circulating faster than the electrical current, I had the idea of a game in the series in which your town became a danger site, and you had to raise money by the usual activities to rebuild the town. Stay away from the game too long, and your hard work could be destroyed. As I may say, some of those ideas I had did get into the final game [I envisioned the main character living in a tent after moving in, for example], and while the full concept wasn't, it was put away in said storage vault for all ideas.
The Chameleon Chronicles goes further back. In 2011, I became more active with the Sonic fan base than I ever had done since, and the game that had done that was Sonic Generations. In 2012, I was watching a whole host of Sonic content, and catching up on the games I had missed out on while not paying much attention. I had two favourite characters from my days of Adventure 2 and Heroes. They were Shadow, simply because he was a hedgehog in my favourite colours, and Espio. Espio had a number of reasons to his name. One was the fact that, as a chameleon, he could turn invisible. Another was his personality. Even at that age, I was still more interested in characterisation over plot. Those reasons for liking Espio only increased with Generations, where I found the Chaotix were hardly used any more. Through my searching, I then found out that Knuckles could be considered part of The Chaotix, due to the game Knuckles' Chaotix. I also found an even longer lost character - Mighty. Mighty was also in Knuckles' Chaotix, and so I formed the dream team of the extended Chaotix. Using the characterisation of The Chaotix, I formed a story of the Chao Theory, which I posted about here. But at first, that had no clear direction either. It was only when I introduced a family of chameleons that I could really bring the plot forward, though not by much. It gave it definition, however, and that's what I wanted. And I finally had characters I could call my own, even if they were featured very little. That's why I then created the spin-off story which detailed the chameleons further, giving them even more characterisation. And that was the whole point of the spin-off story - to focus on characterisation more than the plot, which was a simple one.
All of these projects were put on hold when I first started getting TV and Film ready for publishing as an e-book, and while I have started work on Doctor Who: Star Wars Chronicles again, progress is slow going. All of this means I will be taking a step back. Reanalysing what needs to be done. TV and Film is the priority. But everything else needs clear direction. I'll continue adding ideas to the vault, but unlike before, I will not be starting any more stories up until I have clear directions for the others and at least one of them is complete [not counting TV and Film].

Side note - I expect to get TV and Film finished just after the New Year, depending on the time I allocate between now and Christmas. Just for reference, I'm halfway through.

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